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    About us

    Dominic Bücker

    From the moment I was born on 10.04.1985, I shared my father’s love of horses. When I was 10, I took my first official riding lesson and as a teenager, I was an avid jumper. You would hardly believe it but I competed in show jumping classes up to class M with my mare "Ronda".
    No doubt about it: Horses are my purpose in life.


    with Ronda

    In 2001 I started my education as a horse trainer with a focus on raising and breeding in North Rhine-Westphalian State Stud in Warendorf. My tutor, the horse-master Karl Josef Brokamp, soon noticed ​​my talent for dealing with difficult horses and took special interest in my education. He taught me that having solid dressage training is crucial for both the horse and rider, even when you are mostly interested in show jumping.
    Through this training he changed me from an eager show jumper to an avid dressage rider. Often you could listen to Karl Josef Brokamp’s dominant voice in the riding arena of the stud: "You, the tall one, start riding, now...!" when I was riding one of the stallions. Then when I was just 16 years old I started to work the horses in hand and " let them dance" as Karl Josef Brokamp always used to say. In the first year of my training I rode the stud's draft horses in the parade. By the second and third year of training I was allowed to ride one of the chosen sires as a participant in the Sextet dressage and in the large-Jacobowski Quadrillie in the finals of the Stallion Parade.

    Hengstparade mit Popcorn

    Stallion Parade with Popcorn

    Henry Ramsbrock, the “lord of one-thousand horses” was the one who showed me how to "think big". He operates Menslage near Osnabrück, one of the largest sales and stallion breeding studs in Germany. I trained here from 2004 - 2005 and graduated as a horse trainer with a focus on riding. There, I was given the opportunity to ride many young horses and I also learned from Henry Ramsbrock’s vast experience, his intuition, and his "good eye" for horses.

    In mid-2005 I finally moved into one of the best dressage and training stables of Germany to Heiner Schiergen , Krefeld. There I learned to better implement and refine my skills. In the following show season I successfully showed several horses entrusted to me in dressage tests for young horses up to Prix St. George . True to the motto "observe and learn” I've copied some of Heiner's methods when working with difficult horses.

    Training Rousseau / Platz von Heiner Schiergen

    Training / Place of Heiner Schiergen

    In September 2007, I started working at the Karthäuserhof near the beautiful city of Trier where I trained both young and older horses.

    The next show season in 2008 was, due to continuous training of the horses, a great success. With the strong moving gelding Armageddon I decided to compete in the championship of professional riders at Rheinland-pfalz/Saarland/Luxemburg. I won eight times and also placed several times at the S level. In international tests I gained experience and learned to assert myself. I was also able to successfully present different young horses in different dressage tests. One of the highlights was at the Riding Horse Championships for the 3 year old horses. I rode the winning 3 year old stallion in Rheinland-Pfalz Labatuga and presented the champion stallion Dicello at the licensing in Zweibrücken.

    Berufsreiterchampionat Rheinland-Pfalz Saarland

    Professional Riders Championships

    After all this I decided to leave and to accept the offer by Gerd Sosath. In Lemwerder, near Bremen, I was in charge of the training and education of young dressage horses for almost a year. Unfortunately, my own methods of horse training did not fit in this environment. There was not enough time for thorough and fair horse training. Since 2010, I have focused on working with private Comanche horses, teaching & training, and training my own young horses.


    With the stallion Detroit

    After three and a half years living in the port city of Bremen and surroundings, we moved in June 2012 to the south to return to Dominique’s hometown. For me, it has been a new beginning in Lörrach, which is one of the sunniest areas in Germany and near the “triangle” where the borders of Germany, Switzerland, and France meet. At the moment I like to visit Bremen once in a while since I’ve gotten to know great people and made a lot of friends here. We also have a great breeding place for our "young folks" and found this place in the Weser Marsh where they will spend their first years of life.

    The range of lessons I offer has already been set, and I continue to offer lessons and seminars upon request.

    Einlaufprüfung auf dem BuCha

    with Sammy Deluxe on the Bundeschampionat

    mit Jever Fun 2013

    with Jever Fun 2013

    Dominique Reuter

    I was born in Basel on 31.08.1986. When I was 10, I went on a vacation with my parents to Austria and it was there that I discovered my love for horses. When I returned home, riding was supposed to be just a “normal” hobby. Thanks to the generous support of my parents, I soon got my own horse "Chilli" and started attending riding lessons, participating in horse shows and spending every free minute with the horses.

    nitially, I was most interested in show jumping, but after a while this changed and I gradually became more drawn toward doing dressage. During my school years in Warendorf, which is well- known for being the horse town of Germany, I took dressage lessons from several different trainers. The most memorable lessons were those of Karl Josef Brokamp , and at times I was training daily on either my own or his horses.

    After my German high school graduation, the" Abitur", I enrolled in university to study law. During my studies I continued riding and successfully took part in dressage shows up to a medium level.

    I am responsible for all questions regarding the work and ongoing processes in the barn.

    Dominique Reuter

    Dominique Reuter

    Dominique Reuter

    with Fürst Garant

    Denaria/Hengstschau Birkhof

    Stallion Parade at the Birkhof stud